The Faculty Office

The Faculty Office is responsible for providing support for the day to day administration of the School.  The Office is the focal point for channelling work from the departments to other sections of administration of the University and also exists to provide services to both students and staff to ensure that they have an environment that enables the achievement of their full potential.

Our activities include the following services:

  1. Undergraduate student matters
  • Registration of Students
  • Examination matters
  • Facilitation of work on timetables
  • Maintenance of students records at the School level
  • Facilitation of students placement for practical attachment
  • Facilitation and support of activities of Student Groups  e.g. Biological Sciences Students Association of Ghana (BIOSSTAG)
  1. Graduate student matters
  2. Receiving appeals and complaints from Students and Staff
  3. Liaison with the Registry and the Dean of Students
  4. Coordination of Departments’ work to ensure the School’s participation in planning and budgetary processes and other activities
  5. Servicing of School Board and other Statutory Committees in the School
  6. Control of usage of facilities, equipment and teaching aids/materials
  7. Facilitation of training/seminars for staff
  8. Facilitation of Human Resource Services for Staff.